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Authentic mexican decor

Why are you living in monotone?

Add the right colour accents to your home and create your happy sanctuary.

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Why Viva Boon

1. Authentic & meaningful

We are from Mexico. Our designs are full of traditional Mexican symbols and patterns. We are particularly fascinated by the Aztecs and Maya.

2. delightfully Colourful

Our designs will make it easy to add the right colour accents to your home. They will make it a happy and stylish place.

3. Unique & outstanding

We offer products you cannot find anywhere else. Each Viva Boon textile piece is unique and is handcrafted.

4. made for a lifetime

Our textiles are made from robust  jacquard fabric. The designs are woven, not printed. This will ensure they last for years, not only a season.

Make your home happier

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Discover which colour type you are by answering only 5 questions and unleash the power of colour in your home.

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our designs

Mexico is much more than tequila and tacos. It is a country with a fascinating history, rich culture and beautiful nature. We are fascinated by its shapes and colours we use them as inspiration for our designs.

Join us in bringing a bit of Mexican joy and color into your home.

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Our story

Our approach

We are from Mexico.
We are a small family business.
100% Made in Mexico. 100% ethically made.
We want to preserve the local textile industry.

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Our Philosophy

VIVA BOON means “long live colour”.
We believe in the transformative power of colour. Colour influences our emotions and can increase our wellbeing.

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Social Projects

Supporting local communities is one important aspect of VIVA BOON. We partnered with Vikingo, a program to re-socialise young Mexican outcasts which were dealt a bad hand.

Clan Vikingo, our social project in Mexico
Unique & Meaningful

We draw inspiration from the Mesoamerican cultures. We are particularly fascinated by the Aztecs and Maya.
Our products are woven, not printed!

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Our founders

We are from Mexico.
We stand up for a lifestyle that gives the often monotonous everyday life more joy, color and meaning.

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feel mexico's colours

Mexico lives of its colours. Not only nature but also the cities are often very colourful. Mexicans in general are not afraid of using colour. They know intuitively what colour can do for them and their everyday wellbeing.